Custom Events

Aerial Yoga Play is for everyone! Within moments of defying gravity, bodies begin to shift into alignment, awareness expands, and the ability to attune heart-mind-body connection is enhanced.

Regular customized private training can help most individuals reach their goals of greater health regardless of the obstacle. Coming in with a belief in heart-mind-body connection will allow an understanding of how accessing growth and support in one area can often be achieved by shifting and challenging holds in another area, whether focused on heart, mind, or body. One to one sessions are fun and uplifting, and create space for greater peace and joy in life. 

Aerial Yoga Play is equally potent medicine for nurturing rich community connection and compassion. Flying into action, creatively moving through new space, listening and laughing together become more than just metaphor for what we seek in supportive relationships but actual tools we can safely practice with anyone we want to feel more connected to! Want to have heart bonding fun as a family? Want to feel more intimate and vulnerable with your partner? Want to celebrate a special occasion of any kind and age? Is your creative team in need of a new direction? Then check out customizing an aerial event for you and your community!