Outdoor Experiences


"My body feels strong, my mind feels clear, and my heart feels soft when I practice with Apryl on Mt Tam." -  J.P.  

This is what started it all for me. Living on Mt Tam and taking my regular hikes with an AYRX hammock in my backpack, finding trees to hang in, and playing around with my aerial yoga practice. The therapeutic hammock is an instant portal to mind-heart-body connection. To experience this connection immersed in nature and guided with mantra and meditations designed to heal and support strong bodies, confident minds, and compassionate hearts makes for a healing practice with potent results. 

Begin with a grounding yet gentle hike while taking in epic, expansive views of San Francisco and ocean horizons. Arrive at an elder Bay Laurel tree with broad strong limbs that I believe enjoys our relationship and connection through a harmless attachment system of nylon daisy chains and climbing carabiners. Connecting the AYRX aerial hammock begins the yoga practice. If communicated before going out, each aerial experience can be customized to transform most conditions, goals, and challenges with healthy new patterns and perspectives. Wind down in a restoring cocoon before letting gravity return you to daily life with a renewed perspective.