Youth Classes


The Fall 2018 Series includes 11 classes. Because each class builds upon previous weeks, a full series commitment is required and registration closes after Class 2. Extroverted girls, introverted girls, all kinds of girls - this practice simultaneously grows confidence in sensitive and shy hearts and compassion in those with adventurous, unstoppable spirits. Our highest priority is to have fun and explore aerodynamics and how our bodies move in space. Aerial rotations and inversions naturally awaken awareness and alignment in the spine, encourage release and expansion throughout the body, and allow for deep oxygenating breath to fill this new space, all while building whole body strength and flexibilty. This hard-working fun is then transformed with the ultimate relaxing cocoon where heart wings unfurl and authentic selves shine. This is a space where girls learn to fly, dream big, breathe big, and believe in how big they make a difference to the world.