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Fall Youth Series, September - December Full Series Registration Required 11 Classes = $330
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I give permission for my child's photo to be used in promotional materials and media. Names, identification, age, or other info will never be used without signed parental consent.
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I hereby give my child permission to participate in Sacred Sky Yoga aerial suspension training classes. I recognize that participation in aerial activities involves motion, rotation, and height in a unique environment and as such carries a reasonable assumption of risk which can result in injuries. Sacred Sky Yoga teachers and representatives have my permission to seek any emergency medical treatment deemed necessary for my child while attending Sacred Sky Yoga classes. I agree to comply with all policies and rules of Sacred Sky Yoga and release Sacred Sky Yoga from any and all liabilities of any kind, for damage and injuries received while participating in activities.
Sacred Sky Yoga Rules *
1. Attire: Please come prepared in appropriate clothing - fitted, stretchy leggings that go past the knee and long, stretchy shirts that go past the underarm (short sleeve fine). This is to reduce abrasion and increase comfort. Advanced students may wear what they feel most comfortable in. No jewelry or loose fitting items that may get caught or tangled in the hammock. No shoes or socks. 2. Class opens 5 minutes before. Please be on time to pick up. 3. Observation is the final class of the session. Other observation days may be specially scheduled in advance. 4. Please bring water. All other food and drinks must be consumed outside of movement room. 5. There are unfortunately no make-up days. If something unexpected happens that requires a student to miss remaining session, refund exceptions will be considered.
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