Sacred Sky Yoga


I began Sacred Sky Yoga to encourage more love in the world. My classes invite community of all ages and ways to explore their compassionate hearts, confident minds, and strong bodies through playful aerial movements and meditations designed to heal past injury and manifest future dreams.

I believe in a heart-mind-body connection and how movement in one creates movement in the others. Aerial movements rotate and roll our body in many of the same ways as when we were forged in our mama's womb. These movements reawaken and refresh cellular memory throughout the body, simultaneous awakening and refreshing our thinking and emotions, growing compassionate attitudes and actions. I design classes to align the body’s skeletal framework and strengthen it with long, flexible muscles, releasing the hips and opening the chest, exposing a vulnerable heart shining with purposeful direction.

In addition to years of study and practice in mindfulness, somatic emotional transformation, and environmental healing, I trained as an Aerial Yoga Play instructor at the beginning of 2015 by Jen Healy, creator of the AYRx Aerial Yoga Play + Regenerative Therapuetix system and unique AYRx aerial yoga hammock specifically designed to heal injuries and stimulate regenerative memory throughout the body. I am grateful for her untiring love of sharing the possibility that comes from this practice. 

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By the age of 11, Nara had already put in hundreds of hours of aerial play. She regularly attends youth classes offering assistance and guidance to her peers. She is instrumental in modeling advanced acrobatic flows and regularly shares self-discovered sequences. She helps create and choreograph aerial dances to uplifting songs for youth classes. I am honored to be her mother.