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Custom Events

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Aerial Yoga Play is for everyone! Advanced yogis and those that have yet to try - this practice brings a whole new perspective to mindful movement and self-resistant strength training. Within moments of releasing into the uniquely designed AYRx aerial yoga hammock, gravity pulls at the body, highlighting old holding patterns and beckoning a softened shift toward alignment. Each movement engages muscle strengthening and flexibility while naturally attuning a heart-mind-body connection.

Find nourishing self-rejuvenation with one to one sessions. Private training is ideal for those in need of deep recharge or for those who suffer from acute and chronic pain and benefit from individualized adjustments. Each class is crafted to address specific needs of physical rehabilitation, nervous system decompression, and emotional transformation. One to one sessions are fun and uplifting, and create space for greater peace and joy in everyday life. 

Aerial Yoga Play is equally potent medicine for nurturing rich community connection and compassion. Flying into action, creatively moving through new space, listening and laughing together become more than just metaphor for what we seek in supportive relationships but actual tools we can safely practice with anyone we want to feel more connected to! Want to have heart bonding fun as a family? Desire deeper intimacy and vulnerability with your partner? Is your creative team in need of a new direction? Celebrate a special occasion of any kind and age!

Please CONTACT ME to discuss customizing a unique aerial event for you and your community!

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